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SabaiSabai: where body harmony meets peace of mind, finding true relaxation.
SabaiSabai in Thai, it means "I feel good," "comfort," and "well-being," perfectly capturing the essence of our massages.


Thai Ceremonies
for Two




Welcome to the world of deep relaxation and rejuvenation through authentic Thai massages. Our professional services will transport you to the heart of ancient tradition, which for centuries has been a source of health and harmony.

In our salon, we offer a wide range of Thai massages tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our experienced therapists, trained in traditional techniques, will provide you with an unforgettable experience that brings relief and vitality.

Come and let our magical hands guide you into a state of blissful relaxation. Each massage is a unique ritual for us, during which we care for your body and spirit with utmost care and professionalism.

Classic thai massage
149 zł / 60 min.
210 zł / 90 min.
239 zł / 120 min.
Thai massage with aromatic oil
179 zł / 60 min.
220 zł / 90 min.
279 zł / 120 min.
Thai massage with hot coconut oil
199 zł / 60 min.
230 zł / 90 min.
289 zł / 120 min.
Thai massage with hot herbal stamps
289 zł / 90 min.
339 zł / 120 min.
Thai massage with candle
249 zł / 90 min.
309 zł / 120 min.
Thai sports massage
179 zł / 60 min.
239 zł / 90 min.
299 zł / 120 min.
Massage with hot volcanic stones
179 zł / 60 min.
239 zł / 90 min.
299 zł / 120 min.
Thai soothing massage with Aloe Vera
199 zł / 60 min.
259 zł / 90 min.
309 zł / 120 min.
Thai massage of the back, shoulders and neck
89 zł / 30 min.
170 zł / 60 min.
Thai foot and leg massage (reflexology)
89 zł / 30 min.
170 zł / 60 min.
Thai facial massage (reflexology) + golden mask + peeling
319 zł / 90 min.
Thai peeling
140 zł / 30 min.

Thai Ceremonies for Two

Embark on a journey to a world of deep relaxation and tranquility.

"Aura of Love"

Relaxing massage with therapeutic essential oils known for their rejuvenating properties, designed to indulge the senses. As a result of complete relaxation, your bodies will feel fully relieved, relaxed, and blissful.

Purifying Delight for Body and Mind
"Kindred Spirits"

Exfoliation + Therapeutic Massage + Ayurvedic Herbal Compress + 30 minutes relaxation with Thai tea and a glass of prosecco (optional sauna).

In the “Kindred Spirits” ceremony, you will surrender to the hands of our specialized therapists who will balance and restore harmony to your bodies.

By combining the art of massage with the extraordinary power of herbs, you will experience soothing, improved well-being, and reduced tension and stress.

Price list:

120 min. – 800 zł

150 min. – 1000 zł

180 min. – 1200 zł (with sauna)


Give your loved one unforgettable moments of relaxation and rejuvenation with a voucher for an authentic Thai massage. It's the perfect gift that will bring relief to both body and mind, while also showing how much you care. Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift that will take care of their health and well-being!

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